Literacy & Maths Using Photography Schools Project

Literacy and Maths Pilot project 2014 / Photos:Loughborough Primary School Fotosynthesis2014/ErnestCook

We have put together a project with the Brixton Learning Collaborative and the Windmill cluster,who work for 2 groups of 21 schools in Lambeth, South London.The schools work together through educational partnerships to support the children and families in the London Borough of Lambeth, which includes one of the 10 most deprived wards in England, UK.

Building on the success of a 3 month pilot project that we carried out in Spring 2014, we have received initial funding from a local charity to deliver a programme of workshops using photography to support literacy and maths in primary schools in Lambeth, south London, over 3 years. We need to secure match funding to make this happen!



Your support will allow us todeliver 64 practical 'Literacy & Maths through Photography’ workshops in 16 Lambeth primary schools, benefitting 500 children, 16 teachers will receive training allowing them to continue to work with new students on future projects.8 Family learning activities will bring children, teachers and parents to works together.

Learning through photography encourages children to explore their world as they photograph scenes from their daily lives. Their photos become catalysts for oral and written expression, and family learning.

Funded by the Walcot Foundation(