Community Matters: Photography Collectives of the 1970s, and Today

" Bricklane" © Zaneta Scelazek

“Brick Lane” © Zaneta Szelazek,
 Exploring Surroundings, Fotosynthesis, 2011

This study afternoon will bring together those who were involved in, and those who are researching, photographic projects and collectives of the 1970s. In order to provide a contemporary perspective, there will be contributions from those involved in contemporary 'community' photography projects. This will stimulate debate on the ways in which these groups and collectives viewed concepts of collaboration, engagement and empowerment within community, together with a willingness to experiment with modes of production, distribution and exhibition. This raises questions of agency: who is taking the pictures and for whom within the community? Confirmed speakers include Noni Stacey, Ingrid Guyon, Valentina Schivardi, David Kendall, Jess Baines, Paul Trevor and Malcolm Dickson. The event is programmed by Noni Stacey.

Cake free from Moose cooks, tea and coffee from nearby cafés can be brought into the session. Open to all. Seats allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please email:

The event is part of Moose on the Loose, the first Biennale of Research, organised by UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), University of the Arts London. The Biennale is organised by Val Williams will be held at London College of Communication and at venues across central London during May 2013.

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