London Analogue Festival 2013
Out in the Light:
An Introduction to Pinhole
Photography in Urban Landscapes

Photo: Fotosynthesis, 2013

“Out the Light”© Fotosynthesis, 2013

We are delighted to be part of the London Analogue Festival which will take place in different venues in New Cross Gate and Deptford, London on the 7th and 8th of September.

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to pin hole photography. It will cover the fundamental skills needed to make a pinhole camera and explore how this form of imaging making could generate experimental and evocative images of urban landscapes. After an assignment briefing and a short walk to Telegraph Hill Park, New Cross Gate participants will work in small groups to make a series of landscape images or self-portraits that explore notions of presence, engagement and environment. After the site visit participants will return to the Gate Darkroom where they will process and print photographs, share their work and receive feedback from the tutors and group.

Participants will need to bring a small object or container (E.g. biscuit tin or shoe box) and will make their own pinhole camera during the workshop. We will provide all materials that you will need including chemicals, photo paper, tape as well as a darkroom health and safety induction.