XI Maratona Fotografica Imago

Imago (9-di-12)

A photo from last year's marathon.

12 hours, 4 secret themes, 1 passion… Photomarathon Imago, the annual photographic event in Pisa, Italy is now coming to London and calling you to participate! Join this event and spend a day photographing simultaneously with photographers in Pisa. You can choose from three media tools: analogue photography, digital photography or moving image to express yourself and select and exhibit four of your images or short movie in Pisa and London!

An opportunity not to be missed!

The London event will start in Kennington, where photographers will gather at Fotosynthesis:

The Assembly Hall
Lilian Baylis Old School
Lollard Street
London SE11 6PY


How to plan your day

At 8.30 am the participants using analogue photography, will receive a black and white film. The digital photographers are invited to arrive with their empty memory card. People using moving image / digital video will receive a MINI-DV of 60 minutes.

Mobile phone numbers will be exchanged and every three hours a secret theme will be disclosed by text and updated on our Facebook and Twitter feeds: first theme at 8.30pm (9.30am Pisa), second theme at 11.30am, third theme at 14.30pm and fourth theme at 17.30pm.

Participants are free to roam the streets of the city and capture their view on each theme. Closing time is 20.30pm: participants gather back at the meeting place, Fotosynthesis to return the exposed negatives or 36 digital photos. The movie makers can keep the MINI-DV with them for editing-purposes.

Retrieving, editing and exhibiting your photographs and movies

On Saturday 15th June, we meet again at Fotosynthesis:

– The analogue photographers will retrieve their film, developed by Fotosynthesis, together with a contact sheet.

– The digital photographers will receive a pdf index of their images.

After the event all photographers will be eligible to enter four images in the international collective exhibition, held in October 2013. The Pictures will be exhibited in London as well as in Pisa. Each Photographer will hand 4 prints (20 x 30cm mounted on 2mm black card 30 x 40cm). The video makers will have to edit their short film and hand one per each theme OR alternatively a unique short film including all the themes (minimum length 30 seconds – Maximum length 2mins).


For more information and to check out previous editions:
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Contact Information:
Marco Endrizzi
Tel: 07445 172 974