PICS Festival 2013 – Photographic Images Changing Society

Hidden Music@ Nathaniel Bagot Cealy Fotosyntehsis

Self-portrait by Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey, from the Fotosynthesis project, 'Step Into Photography'.

PhotoVoice has invited us to co-organise the PICS Festival 2013, a one-day festival exploring how NGO's and international development organisations represent developing world issues and people they work with.

The event will feature a photographic exhibition showcasing the output of a variety of projects that aim to bring about positive social change through photography. Accompanying the exhibition is a programme of talks, panel discussions and workshops.

If you are interested in exhibiting, please email

For volunteering or for press enquiries, please email


Constructing with Cahun & Lissitzy - Self Portrait 2012

Self-portrait by Robyn from the Fotosynthesis project, 'Step Into Photography'.

During the festival Fotosynthesis' participants will run a workshop that will consider how photography, embodied experiences and light interact to explore self-identity, ethics and ownership of self-representation. They will explain compositional techniques and exercises that will enhance critical thinking and shared experiences of self-portraiture.

In addition, self-portraits from Fotosynthesis' participants will be exhibited during the festival as part of their Educational Project, 'Step Into Photography', funded by the Walcot Foundation and Harman Express. The workshop and exhibition hopes to challenge why people choose to come together to explore and reveal their lives, tell stories and to promote self-expression through photography.


Last year at PICS 2012, Fotosynthesis facilitated the sensory photography workshop and curated a photography exhibition. During the festival the organization was featured in 'Uncertain States' (Photography Journal). Read a copy here.