Reflexive Disclosure

" Bricklane" © Zaneta Scelazek

Photo by Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey

The exhibition Reflexive Disclosure brings together the work of talented and promising photographers, young people and adults from the London Borough of Lambeth.

The exhibitors took part in Step into Photography, a project run by Fotosynthesis with the support of the Walcot Foundation and Harman Express. Throughout the programme, the group discovered their love of photography inside and outside the darkroom. Students utilised digital, analogue and camera-less photography to explore a range of photographic genres including self-portraiture and urban landscape photography.

The work displayed in this exhibition evolved from collaborations between students and professional photographers, who encouraged exhibitors to think critically and ethically about their image making and writing. Consequently individuals learned to visually communicate and question their self-identity and environment, and reflect on their role within the creative practice of photography.

All the young people have achieved their Silver Arts Awards.



Photo by Muti

Jessiane Salgado

Photo by Jessiane Salgado

Matthew Shadow 9 No Branch Shadow

Photo by Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey

Artists include:

Eden Bo Dower
Jessiane Salgado
Mutiat Adeoshun
Immanuel Adelowo
Joshua Sanger
Nathan Taylor
Soraya Fernandez DF
Elisabeth Adams
Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey
Arek Golosz
Isabelle Ysabaert
Kananu Kirimi
Judith Chinchilla
Matthew Feldman