Sensory Photography
pop-up studio at the
London MexFest

Photograph by Verenice Hernandez

Photograph by Verenice Hernandez

During the London-Mex Fest, Ojos que Sienten / Sight of Emotion and Fotosynthesis made a photography Pop up Studio in the symbolic Rich Mix Cultural Foundation.

The event offered to more than 100 vsitors sensory experiences that integratde visually impaired and young people into communal environments with the general public. It aimed to build confidence and encourage creative dialogue and spatial exchange between them. They utilized photographic and sensory experiences to challenge people's social and spatial perceptions.

Members of the public entered the studio and once standing in position had their photo taken by photographers who are visually impaired, assisted by sighted young photographers from disadvantaged backgrounds that are part of Fotosynthesis. These photographs were developed within minutes and ready to be picked up on exit. There was an area where the messaged photos were pegged up onto a series of wires suspended from the ceiling creating an ever changing art installation of its own.

"At the time of telling people about the project no one refused to participate and they were very open and happy to be Verenice and Jose's models!

The enthusiasm they had at thetime of describing one of their pictures made me realise how taking a picture we normally associate it with visual references and is it goes beyond that... It is not just about one sense, but is to imagine, listen, smell and feel!"

"On a weekend the experience made possible to create a little family. Perhaps the conditions and the sensitivity the people from 'Ojos que Sienten' 'sight of emotion' have is contagious and FotoSynthesis' passion about Phootography too! It made one of those special memorable weekends! Visitors from the Mexican film festival and friends from both projects were part of it. "

This creative Pop Up Studio was produced in partnership with The Mexican Embassy in London, The British Council, and The Awakening Agency.

Social impact
The aims of the Sensory Pop Up Studio:

To create awareness and change public perceptions towards disability (specifically visual impairment) by focusing in the abilities of participants.

To give employment to visually impaired photographers and young sighted students from disadvantaged and different cultural backgrounds from the organization of Fotosynthesis.

To build and promote social and cultural integration and connect international audiences through visual media at LondonMexFest.

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