A little bit of history

Fotosynthesis darkroom public opening, South London Press , 2009

Photographer and community worker Ingrid Guyon, who believed in using the visual arts as tools for social change, founded Fotosynthesis in 2009. Working at PhotoVoice, she was trained in participatory photography and after university graduation; she had not returned to a darkroom due to the lack of resources and the pressures of stepping into the digital world.

Since she graduated three years before, she has never been back to a darkroom due to the lack of recourses and the pressure of stepping into the digital world. During her internship at Photovoice, she was trained in participatory photography. The success of a pilot Fotosynthesis project pushed Ingrid and her friends photographers Jyoti, Federico and Adilsonto create a community organization. Ingrid accidentally came across an abandoned darkroom and realised she had found a treasure. The team spent days and nights to bringing it back to life: Fotosynthesis was born.

In 2010, Valentina Schivardi, a documentary photographer and teacher, started working at Fotosynthesis. It was a significant point for the organisation; Fotosynthesis developed its long-term plan, renewed its identity and registered as a Community InterestCompany. Between 2012 and 2015 David Kendall and Sara Asadullah have worked with Ingrid to raise the profile of the organisation, develop social communications, educational outreach projects, participatory workshops and research.

Overtime, Fotosynthesis have attracted the attention of different funders including Unltd Millenium, Award, 02 Community Award, Awards for All, North Lambeth Positive Futures, Capital Community Foundation and the Walcot Foundation: their support has continues to help Fotosynthesis grow.

"Pinhole" © Allulah / Fotosynthesis, Lambeth Summer University, 2009